New Massage Treatments Available!

by globaltravelers

Hi Everyone! Elsa has added 2 new treatments to her menu and they sound AMAZING!! Check out the details below and ring her at 0421880260 to book!

Winter Warmers Aromatherapy Massage       60/90/120 mins        $80/110/150

As Winter fast approaches our bodies naturally slow down and our circulation, metabolism and lymphatics can become sluggish, leading a compromised immune system and generally feeling a little ‘off-centre’.

Massage stimulates and energises these systems, improving toxin & waste removal through the lymphatic system, oxygen circulation via the blood, and revving up the metabolism to create more energy within, thus boosting your immunity to colds, flu and other viruses, and overall increasing your energy and mood.

Cellulite Reduction   Course of 10 Treatments  $350

The main causes of cellulite deposits are unhealthy diets and lack of exercising. Cellulite is actually composed of water, toxins and fatty tissue cells that build up under layers of skin and causes pressure on the connective tissues of muscles. This concentration of body elements causes the skin to take on an orange-peel like texture which unfortunately affects 90% of women in the world today.

This massage treatment is a gentle and natural way of treating and reducing cellulite, using natural Aromatherapy and specific massage techniques to break down these fatty deposits and aid your body in removing them permanently.

The course includes 2 x 25minute massages per week for 5 weeks

*Add a Himalayan Body Scrub to your treatment for just $10